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Is Bankruptcy right for me

Bankruptcy is a legal option to resolve large amounts of debt and is typically available to individuals, families and businesses that can no longer meet their financial obligations, primarily to creditors. Bankruptcy is a viable solution to resolve these debts and get a fresh start, however it is not always the best option for everyone. Advice from a knowledgeable and qualified legal professional should be sought before making any major decision. There are several different forms of bankruptcy and every case can still be handled accordingly to the unique situation. People with significant amounts of debt may be able to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, while others in different financial situations may need to file through other means. Bankruptcy is designed for those with more significant financial needs, so establishing whether or not this is you is very important. This can be determined through the means test, or by having a lawyer go over your case with you.

Putting together any necessary financial documents is very important so that they can be reviewed. This can include any paystubs, bills, documents regarding debt and other useful information that can be examined to determine the extent of the situation. If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy as a means to settle unpaid debts and get a new start, it’s important that there is a full inventory of all your total debts, and options such as negotiating for a settlement are thoroughly evaluated. Having trusted legal counsel from a Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney will help you to determine if you are eligible to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy through a means test, or if bankruptcy is even the right option for you. You may even have options other than bankruptcy available for you, and that can be discussed during your consultation.

Attorney Michael A. Cohen is dedicated to helping clients throughout the Philadelphia area resolve their debts through bankruptcy filing or other legal options with a strong focus on providing friendly, responsive service that clients can trust. Michael A. Cohen has a full understanding of the federal bankruptcy laws, and is experienced in navigating through the bankruptcy process, which can help you avoid the pitfalls of any attempt to get through the process by yourself. Any error during the process could create great problems, including delays, denials or even legal action against you.

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