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Restore Driver’s License

Is a judgment due to a motor vehicle accident causing your driver’s license to be suspended? Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help get your license back and eliminate the judgment. Collection companies can send old motor vehicle judgments to the State Department of Transportation for a license suspension. I will locate the old judgment to find out the name and address of the judgment creditor and insurance company, and I will list them on your bankruptcy schedules when I file your case. I have helped my clients get their driving privileges restored.

Bankruptcy can stop driver’s license suspension. Immediately upon filing a Bankruptcy, the Court grants you protection from your creditors. This is called the “Automatic Stay.” This protection could be the help that you need. It does not take a week or a month. I can have your case filed the day you come into my office. This is done by electronic filing with the Bankruptcy Court. A push of the button on my office computer can put an end to the stress and threat of repossession or get your car released.

Once you are in Bankruptcy, I will contact the State Department of Transportation and you will only need to pay the license renewal or reinstatement fee restore your driver’s license.

I am available to guide you through the courts. I will answer your questions. I will handle your creditors. I will be at the Bankruptcy Court hearings as your attorney. You will be able to get back to those joyful things in life.

If you have debt problems and want to know your options, you have come to the right place. Michael A. Cohen is a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney helping clients throughout the Philadelphia
area. Don’t take chances with your financial future, contact Michael A. Cohen today.

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