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Are you considering filing for bankruptcy in Philadelphia?


Are you considering filing for bankruptcy in Philadelphia?

You may consider filing for bankruptcy when facing serious financial troubles. Many individuals and families choose the option of bankruptcy to get a fresh new financial start. The federal government allows a new beginning for those who can’t pay their bills by filing for Chapter 7, or discharge of debt. Those who have too many assets may not qualify for Chapter 7 and can then petition for Chapter 13 and have the opportunity to pay off their debt over a period of 3-5 years. No matter how bad your situation is, the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney can be beneficial to you. Having experienced legal representation through the entire process, from the petition up to the discharge of your debt, can help protect your legal rights every step of the way. Michael A. Cohen will effectively deal with creditors as necessary and help you through the process of obtaining the financial freedom you deserve. The process of bankruptcy can be complicated, but with a professional on your side you will be on your way to a new beginning in no time.

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Attorney Michael A. Cohen has provided legal assistance to clients who have faced serious financial trouble due to a divorce, accident, medical emergency, loss of employment or other financial disaster. Clients often get caught in the subprime mortgage bubble and find themselves unable to refinance their homes, and struggling to make payments and face foreclosure on their home. Concerns about the future, harassing calls from debt collectors and legal letters can ruin families and relationships and make a tough financial situation even worse. It’s important to contact a professional right away to take care of the issues at hand and avoid further problems. Michael A. Cohen has helped many individuals resolve their debts and put their lives back on track.Call now to answer any questions about life after bankruptcy, common bankruptcy mistakes, clear up myths about bankruptcy, and get more information on how bankruptcy can be beneficial. You will be provided with the information necessary to understand bankruptcy and taxes or student loan dischargeability, and in real estate or mortgage problems Michael A. Cohen helps with foreclosure defense, short sale, and deed in lieu of foreclosure. The penalties for failing to correctly file can range from being denied the opportunity to file bankruptcy to federal charges, but with an experienced bankruptcy attorney your petition will have the best chance for success.

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Bankruptcy is not right for everyone, and not every situation is qualified. To explore your different options, call for a free consultation today. With years of experience in bankruptcy law, everything in our power is done to find the solution most suitable to your life. If you decide that you would like to file a petition for bankruptcy, you will be provided the caring counsel needed during this hectic time. We’ll take a look at every possibility to make a confident decision to protect you and your family’s future. A personal approach is taken to every situation. Michael A. Cohen is dedicated to helping the residents of Philadelphia resolve debt problems. Contact Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney Michael A. Cohen today if you are facing tough financial times right now. 1-215-873-1159